Transportation Systems

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Mock•Roos is a Florida Department of Transportation pre-qualified consultant in the areas of Minor and Major Highway Design. Our staff members are experts in urban and rural facilities, from interstates to arterials roads, collectors, local streets, and alleyways. Staff members have also provided expert witness testimony on right-of-way condemnation and personal injury accident suits.

Just within Palm Beach County, our experts have conceptualized, planned, designed, permitted, and were involved with the construction of hundreds of roadway projects. Mock•Roos is highly experienced with the construction/reconstruction of aging roadways within an established corridor and/or constrained by limited rights-of-way. Improving the operational characteristics of a roadway is a design component we consider with each project. Our solutions preserve the existing residential lifestyles in the municipality and the specific neighborhood.

To maximize safety and to maintain proper traffic speeds, our design considers roadway geometry, sight distance, alignment, curbing, sidewalks, signing/pavement markings, ADA requirements, traffic calming devices, and pedestrian and equestrian trails/crossings. We frequently incorporate roadway features such as lighting, bike paths, and landscaping. Mock•Roos places a great deal of emphasis upon accommodating vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists through construction zones with minimum delay or exposure to unsafe conditions, which is often the main focus of residents.

Another challenge during roadway projects is meeting South Florida Water Management District water quality requirements regarding nutrient loadings in water bodies. Our water resource expertise minimizes stormwater management costs on roadway projects while meeting the ever-increasing stringent permit requirements.

Transportation Services include: